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About Us

While a student at Trinity University, Jacob Hurrell-Zitelman founded Quick Sip Coffee. He humbly started it as an entrepreneurship project at the university in San Antonio, TX. The idea was at first a coffee cart, then a coffee shop and bar, but eventually settled its identity as a cold brew coffee company. Today Quick Sip Coffee is the only bottled high-quality, specialty, and single-origin cold brew coffee company in San Antonio. Our mission is to take the specialty coffee cafe experience of the wide variety of single-origin beans and bring it to the consumer in a convenient manner. In a market that is very traditional and focused solely on convenience, we remain bold in providing the highest quality coffee possible for our consumers on the go.

Our Coffee


Our Original coffee is brewed with a single-origin natural processed Ethiopian bean. This coffee has notes of fresh berries with a dark chocolate finish. It is the coffee purists ideal cold brew coffee. 


Our Texican coffee is brewed with a single-origin washed processed Mexican bean and fresh cinnamon. This coffee has notes of nuts and smooth cinnamon. It is the gateway to coffee purism.

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