Our Origins

In 2017, we were by no means coffee professionals like we are now. Our knowledge of coffee was limited to popping in a plastic cup, pulling down a lever, and pressing a button. That all changed when co-founder Jacob had his first cup of single-origin specialty coffee at a local roaster in San Antonio. He never knew a cup of black coffee could taste like berries and have the mouthfeel of a light tea. Instantly, he knew he had to share this experience with as many people as possible. And that’s when the hustle began… Quick Sip didn’t officially become a business until co-founder Selena, it’s top salesman, joined the crew. While still a senior in high school, she would sell beer bottled single-origin cold brew out of her backpack on campus. Jacob supplied the coffee, and Selena spread the magic. One bottle at a time, we spread the love of craft coffee as accessibly as possible. We showed the world you didn’t need expensive brewers or grinders and you didn’t have to wait at a local shop to get craft coffee, you just needed to pop a cap. Today we follow the same goal, to demystify great coffee and spread it to as many as we can.

What We’re All About

So what is single-origin anyway? That means each of our coffees are brewed with one bean type from a specific region of the world. Coffee, like grapes in wine, produces flavor notes based on its origin. We only craft single-origin, sugar-free, and dairy-free cold brews to respect the notes of the regions we source from. Our dream? For everyone to enjoy the art of single-origin coffee without the hassle.

Palate Education Platform

Not only do our cold brews offer a flavor experience independently, they also act together as a palate educator. Just like some of you, we weren’t born black coffee drinkers. That’s why we offer a pure single-origin experience for every level of coffee drinker. From our most “flavored” brew, Texican, that’s brewed with ground cinnamon, to our traditional profile Middle Man, to the connoisseur fruitiness of our Native, we have a coffee for you. Taste em’ all, and who knows, you may just become a coffee pro yourself.


A brew that pays homage to our native San Antonio. Our “café de olla” with a craft coffee twist, the Texican is brewed with a washed process Mexican bean and ground cinnamon. It produces notes of mixed nuts, caramel, and of course, cinnamon. This is our beginner brew.

Middle Man

A brew as traditional as Texas. Think of your most classic cup of coffee taste, and then elevate it to the max. The Middle Man is brewed with a washed process Guatemalan bean that produces notes of “just a damn good cup of coffee”. You’re in between newbie and pro.


A brew meant to respect coffee’s origin story in Ethiopia. The Native is brewed with a natural process Ethiopian bean that gives unique notes of strawberries, blueberries, and dark chocolate. If you’ve gone this far, you’re on your way to coffee pro status, just let it happen.